Words and performance of the ACB song

This is a real opportunity to see the words of the song which was composed and performed for the American Council of the Blind.
Even better, you can listen to it as it is performed.

Words of the ACB Song

We're a group that has a vision with pride and dignity.
Looking toward a brighter future where there's true equality.
Optimistic and determined to direct our destiny,
Come and join us, change the world with ACB!

1. We come in different packages and personalities,
With many skills and talents but few opportunities.
Just take an honest look at jobs that blind folks really do:
Teachers, lawyers, writers, business owners, just to name a few


2. We believe that there is more to life than working 9 to 5.
You've got to laugh and have some fun to really feel alive.
And when it comes to love and friendship, we can give so very much.
We may be out of sight, but we're by no means out of touch.


3. You've got to open up a box to be sure of what's inside.
Don't label us as helpless before giving us a try.
We're not asking for a handout, we don't want your sympathy,
All we want is just a chance to prove our capabilities.

Chorus (three times, repeating "Come and join us, change the world with ACB" the third time)

If you choose to take the link to play the song, you will have to hit ALT+F4 to terminate the linkage.
Now listen to the national ACB song

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