Who were our presidents?
The American Council of the Blind of Ohio Greater Cincinnati Chapter elects its presidents to two year terms with the elections held at the January meeting of even numbered years.
All of the officers of ACBOGCC may serve for a maximum of two consecutive 2 year terms.
Both the president and vice president must be legally blind in order to be eligible to hold those offices.
Below, you will find a list of the presidents and the years they served.

Ken Marrs, 1 term, 1980-1981
George Coorey 2 terms 1982-1985
Paul Jordan 2 terms 1986-1989
Robert Rogers, 2 terms, 1990-1993
Dean Wilbur, 2 terms, 1994-1997
Bev Bernard, 1 term, 1998-1999
Leah Wachtell, 1 term, 2000-2001
Lynn Wachtell, 2 terms, 2002-2005
Phil Gates 1 term, 2006-2007
Joyce Rogers, 2 terms, 2 008-2011
Terry Olandese, 4 terms, 2012-2019
Beborah (Lori) Woodall, 1 term, 2020-2021

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